Hier vindt u alle laatste nieuwtjes, tips en interessante berichten over resource planning met PlanningPME. Maar ook over het maken van een planning in het algemeen!

Object model PlanningPME COM

You have the possibility to make links between your databases and /or  management softwares and
–  PlanningPME COM:

As an example, you can import your existing client database in PlanningPME and, then, you can
synchronize regularly those databases. you avoid double typing !
PlanningPME COM allows you to integrate PlanningPME into your data system.

Plugin PlanningPME

Why a plug-in PlanningPME ?
– In order to insert controls (button) in the PlanningPME interface and associate actions.
– In order to make automatic actions for example add or update a task.


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